Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Dreams May Come

Dreams... they iz cray-zay.

But seriously, last night I had the craziest dreams. Both the Hubs and I have been having problems sleeping. I don't know if it's because we can't find a good temperature, the bed is weird, new mattress pad. No clue. But last night's dreams were the craziest I've had in a long time.

Not to bore everyone but one was about being locked in this killer's house and everyone thought he was a nice guy so no one searched the place. I was in the basement but no one could find me. Creepy.

The second one had to do with my cell phone but for the life of me I can't remember it. I just remember waking up super hot and kicking off all the covers.

Then, this morning in real life, our neighbor let their kid out in the front yard at 6:30am where he proceeded to yell for AN HOUR about how his bus was late. Sweetie, your bus isn't late. Your bus comes at 7:45 on the dot every. damn. day. But the parents kept him out there and he was having a conniption fit every 10 seconds or so.

THEN! I woke up super hungry and couldn't fall back asleep. Like, so hungry that I was feeling sick (didn't have a big dinner last night). Why I didn't just go to the kitchen and get something to eat, I don't know but I waited it out in bed only to go downstairs at 7:30 and scarf down everything in sight.

Then I felt sick again. Still do. Yikes. I don't read into dreams at all but I hate waking up from the scary ones and then letting it bother me for the rest of the day.

Do you guys remember your dreams? Most of the time I can't, but last night's are still pretty vivid... and creepy.


  1. I often have very vivid dreams. I used to have really creepy ones that would reappear every so often: this one involving being chased in a jeep by a T-Rex (thank you Jurassic Park), another involved a scary multi-level house with all of these creepy bedrooms and if I picked the wrong one to enter, a corpse would sit up in the bed and start screaming at me. Good times. Thankfully, most of my dreams are tamer these days. Still vivid, but they don't scare the socks off of me.

    Here's a question for you: do you dream in color? I dream in what I refer to as Technicolor...you know, like Wizard of Oz style when Dorothy goes through the door of her house after the cyclone and goes from black & white to color. Certain things are very much in color, others are not.

  2. I have really vivid dreams and quite often have dreams about friends that are about to tell me about big changes in their lives. Sometimes my mom and I even have the same dream on the same night, but we've always been like that whichis another story for another time. I have scary dreams sometimes, but more often than not, I have weirdly timely ones.