Monday, January 31, 2011

I Can't Believe It's Come to This

Want to hear about today’s First World Problem? I never thought it would come to this on the blog, but I’m going to talk about excrement.

Not any person’s… no. A DOG’S. We have the tiniest front lawn known to man. I would go out on a limb to say that it’s not even a lawn. It’s a small patch of grass in front of our house. Then the sidewalk. Then another little strip of grass before you get to the street. It’s nicely kept up by our landlady’s gardener. We don’t have to cut it or water it, just appreciate its beauty.

AND THE BOMBS. Seriously you guys. I don’t know how many of our neighbors have this problem but every time we walk outside the door, there is a new bomb. I get out of the Hubs’ car and I step into grass AND POSSIBLE BOMBS. We never see anyone walking their dog on our side of the street. Our landlady has a dog but she cleans up after it. Our neighbors have dogs but we’ve never seen them walk them (they don’t, by the way). So, who’s responsible?

I want to stick a big ol’ sign out there in front but I know that will just provoke those people and then we’ll have even more bombs out there. Maybe put some baggies out front? Like a public park? But seriously. Why don’t people pick up after their dogs? It’s getting really old. You have to watch your step every time you leave our house. Forget about taking the trash out at night.

It’s not like it’s a long walk to take the walkway and sidewalk. It isn’t. But it’s our front “yard” and it’s disgusting. It looks like WE’RE the ones who don’t pick up after our dog. We don’t even HAVE a dog.

So what would you all do? Is there a spray that repels dogs from grass? Should we set up a camera? (Kidding, kind of) How about a motion detector that once triggered will pelt things at the offender? (although one of us would totally set it off. I know it)

Updated to add: Thanks to Claudia but I think we found the culprit. We've had this weird cat that hangs around our house at night. Duh. The end.


  1. Are you sure they are dog bombs and not cat bombs? We started getting those in our little balcony and we thought it was Konah until we realized it was the cats that roam around our building. Nothing much we could do there.

    What does your landlady think?

    I think the baggies idea is good however, you don't want the people to be dependent on you to always provide them.

    I would so put up a camera to see who it is! And then, when you see the person walking with their dog BAM! Come out of the bush and say 'surrender, you got caught red handed'. =D

  2. dude, this was a huge prob for me back home in CA! at my last place, the neighbor's dogs only pooped on my little lawn. the bastards.

    people in Portland are great about curbing their dogs.