Friday, July 30, 2010


So, I acquired a camera at Christmas of '08. Same Christmas where I got engaged. This fabulous camera is a Nikon D40. I know what you're all thinking... "But Coco, there's a D90 and a D5000, why didn't you get one of those?" Because I wasn't buying it and those were super expensive. That's why!

I got by on the kit lens up until this past January. The quality of my pictures were better than my point and shoot but still just ok. Until January. Ohhhh January, you brought me a sweet sweet (self bought) gift. My Nikkor 35mm 1:1.8G lens. Oh yeah, this lens is the stuff. The schtuff, if you will. People are constantly saying, "Wow, your camera is great. What an awesome camera." I just want to get all up in their face and be like, "You don't even KNOW. It's this LENS." And it is. I was seriously all Golum on this thing when I first got it. (Who am I kidding? I'm still Golum)

People, if you want your pictures to start looking pro, get a one of these lenses. If I could have afforded it, I would have gotten one that went to 1.2G but them babies is expensive and mama's a little broke from buying a new camera bag. (More on that later! That's Precioussss II)

Want to see the difference? Of course you do.
Before: This is with my camera's kit lens. Yes, it's fine and it got the job done. (Yeah, that's me)

After: This is one of my cousin's senior pictures. Maybe this isn't the best one to use as an example since (a) she's adorable already without the help of a better lens and (b) I got better at angles. But it gets the point across nicely.

So peeps, if you have a DSLR camera and want to start taking better photos, get a nice lens! Seriously, it does wonders.

In a separate post, I'll be talking about angles and why you should never wear a skirt on a photoshoot. Dirt in the skirt, May. Dirt in the skirt! (Guess which movie!)

*I am not a camera/photography expert. AT ALL. I've never taken a class and don't claim to be a pro. I just love taking pictures and encourage everyone to get comfortable with their camera.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Precioussss II

When I started buying lens for my camera, I quickly realized I was running out of room to safely hold them all. Sure, I could store them in my hall closet but what if I wanted to take them all with me? I had them crammed into a small Nikon camera bag that made me nervous every time I took it out of the closet. Plus, I couldn't take my point and shoot with me since there wasn't room. OHHHH my first-world problems!

For my birthday/graduation I asked for money so I could buy a functional and stylish bag that held just about everything. Then I researched. I researched the heck out of it. Turns out, there aren't a whole lot of camera bags that are feminine but not outright girly.

Until this one. Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you to my new precious. Lola, by Epiphanie.

Comes with this cute tag. Although, I clearly touched it a little too much. Fingerprints, ew.

Look at the inside! So roomy and violety. You could seriously throw this around and knock someone out, there's that much padding in there. So, not only gorgeous but better than Mace.
It also comes with a long strap so you can carry it across your shoulder. I love that. It makes it easier to grab the camera and go.

It's also not bigger than any other purse I own. And I own some big purses. Holla. And yes. I recently cut my hair. *sigh of relief*

But here's the kicker. The camera came in this big box and apparently the UPS guy had something against my wish for a cute camera bag...

Look at the size of that guy's foot! I mean seriously, he must have had his cranky pants cinched up real tight today. I'm glad it was a bag and not an antique tea set. Or a vase. Or something breakable.

P.S. Epiphanie Bags has no idea who I am. I'm just writing because I'm loving my new bag and I look at it lovingly, longing to get outside and really use it. Uuuuuuuuuse it.

Do you have a new obsession? Or maybe just a long-standing one?

I'm back and welcome!

Hey all, welcome back to my new and improved blog! Some of you may remember that I had a blog that I started about a year ago right after getting married. I just blogged about random things, home improvements, my friends and my husband.

I had a blog post that I started working on on October 3rd of last year. I had pictures, I had the copy lined up and everything. That night, we found out that my father in law had been hospitalized. He passed away the morning of October 4th. Ever since then, the blog that I had started just seemed so trivial. All of a sudden, my recipe for sweet potato fries and my bathroom paint job didn't compare to the pain we were all going through. I was also finishing up my master's degree, working full time and learning how to be a wife. Heh, wife, that sounds so crazy still.

The past 10 months have been a lesson in patience, trust, communication, time management, encouragement and resourcefulness. While I wouldn't trade them for the world, it would be great to really turn the corner and start a new chapter of our life. I'm really working at blooming where I'm planted and keeping my heart open to new and sometimes scary possibilities.

But hey! I think it's time to start updating everyone on what I've been up to these last 10 months. I have a renewed passion in photography (which explains the blog title). I have my masters degree which opens up so many doors. I have a new job opportunity thanks to a great friend. When New Year's Eve rolled around, my husband and I said this year's theme would be "Adventure". Adventure indeed.

Welcome back everyone, I'm stoked to be here.
If the moon was made of cheese, would you eat it?