Friday, August 27, 2010

Thankful Thursday... a Day Late

Over at Heir to Blair, she does a little something called "Thankful Thursday". Although I'm a day late, what's a better day than Friday to say you're thankful?
Here's what I'm thankful for this week.

-It's FRIDAY! Although I do have to work tomorrow, it's not like it's a hard day on the job. It's an off-site event, which does stress me out, but it seems like it'll be a chill one.

-Last night I took about 2 hours and really learned how to use my camera. I learned about shutter speeds, ISO, metering, etc. Wow, there was so much I didn't know and really enjoyed figuring it out for myself (with the help of a few books and the trusty internet, of course).

-Jasmine Star's online, 5-day workshop on wedding photography. Look, I doubt I'm ever going to be a wedding photographer but if watching these online workshops help my everyday photography, I'm all for it! The whole thing is just incredible and you can check it out here.

-Only one more week in this job. HALLELUIA! I'm so frakin' excited to be moving to another division, I can hardly stand it. I don't want to make a big deal out of it at work but I'm so stoked. I hope the Hubs and I can celebrate with dinner out next Friday.

-My coworker has a tomato plant that has been going crazy lately and just about everyday I get a baggie with about 15 cherry tomatoes. SO good. I just cut them open, put a little salt on them and mmmmm. They don't even make it home.

-The projected forecast for today is only 95 degrees. That's 10 degrees less than yesterday. And this weekend will be in the 80's! YES!

-Thankful for the Hubs. Seriously, you guys... he's the best. And now that I'm becoming a happier person, he's becoming a goofier one. I absolutely love it and we have a lot of fun.

What are you thankful for?


  1. dude, you *hav*e to become a wedding photographer. that way when I marry a gay guy so he can get his green card, you can come photograph it!

    my list:
    the best friends a girl could have
    spontaneous sources of income so I can put off finding a real job
    soft hoodies that don't belong to me and I have no intention of giving back
    chocolate pudding
    street fairs

  2. 1) Sarah and I want to renew our vows every ten years, so you should definitely photograph one of those.
    2). How are you becoming a happier person? I could really use some o' that.
    3). How are YOU becoming a happier person? You're one of the smiliest, giggliest, girliest people I know! (and that is a great thing!)

  3. You're the best! I love you for your happiness.
    1) for a roof over my head and food to eat.
    2) for realizing that I have standards for the job I want to do.
    3) for books to read and journals to write in.
    4) for Disneyland and friends that want to go to Disneyland with me.
    5) for the fiancee, and the support he provides while I look for a job.
    6) for you being a great mentor and friend.