Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Things That Bug the Ever-Loving Snot Out of Me

*When people cut in line. We were at Sea World the other day, waiting to wash our hands when this mom barges up holding her child and starts washing her son's hands. Helloooo! We were standing big too. And why would we just be standing by the sinks if we weren't washing our hands? When I'm a mom, I'll be pushing people out of the way too.

*No acknowledgment of a nice deed. When I slow down to let you merge into my lane, when I hold open the door for you, when I stand up to let you pass when you want the middle seats in the theater and I get nothing? Yeesh. It's simple and it's two words. "Thank You". Even more simple, a wave or a nod.

*The fact that our garbage disposal still isn't fixed and we told our landlady about it 4 months ago. 4 months. I think she'd be pretty upset if we didn't pay rent, so when we still don't have it fixed after reminding her over and over... I get pretty upset too. *Update* some one is coming in the next couple of days to check it out! Yippee!

*When I pick the wrong check-out line. Which is every time.

*Bad hair days.

*When I'm all cranky and I take it out on the hubs. It's not his fault that I'm cranky most of the time. Good thing he likes me a lot. A LOT. It bugs me when I can't snap out of it either. Like, I know I'm completely irrational and my head keeps yelling "Stop it, crazy woman! You're driving him crazy!" but I. just. can't. That really needs to stop.

*The cattle-call that is the Southwest Airlines seat line-up. I understand everyone is assigned a letter and a number but it's like that number is sacred and you canNOT be one above or below where you're supposed to me. I like to hide my ticket and make people ask me what my number is. It gives me great pleasure to see them get silently riled up trying to see it. I wait for them to ask. Heh heh heh.

*And it bugs me when people complain all the time. Sooooo, I'm going to stop now.


  1. spectacular rant!

    I also don't get why people feel the need to rush in line at SW. they won't seat for another half hour, you have your seating number, calm the eff down. what is the deal with that?

  2. Amen to all of that!....except for the part about getting mad at my hubs... : )