Tuesday, November 2, 2010


My run today was HORRIBLE. Absolutely horrible.

I just started week 7 of the c25k program and the first day is another 25 minute run. Not bad, I just did that on Sunday and it was hot outside. Now, the elements weren't against me, it was in the morning and I had already proved I could do it.

Here are the reasons why it sucked.
1. Didn't fuel properly. I'm so used to getting up and working out that I don't fuel at all. It's a stupid thing to do and I have to stop doing it.

2. I started a little later than normal and ran into the traffic jam that is the middle school morning drop off. I had to break my stride and jog in place while mean moms gave me the side-eye if I even made the slightest move to leave the sidewalk. Very frustrating.

3. I couldn't push past the side cramps. I've able to do it before but today I just couldn't.

4. My pace was all off. Because I was waiting for cars to pass, I thought I should make up that time by running faster but all that did was wear me out sooner. I didn't keep a steady and consistant pace.

So yeah, I'm frustrated. But I didn't stop running and just walk the whole way. I took short walking breaks then jogged a little. Walking break, jog, etc. I know not every run is going to be great but I was frustrated all the same.

Runner friends, what do you do when your run doesn't go as expected? A part of me wants to make it up elsewhere in the week but the other part is like, eh. Whatever I'll just try harder next time.


  1. don't be so hard on yourself. when I get side cramps, I power walk until they go away. and mixing up the walk/run can be like cross training. you're doing fine! now go eat a banana.

  2. ah! i'm trying the c25k program too. i decided i was too cool and jumped in on week 4. DIED. also, rockstar for not stopping!!

  3. Erin, isn't it crazy? It's like I can do p90x for a straight hour but running longer than 3 minutes in a row just about kills me!