Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Hate It... But I Love It. p90x 30 day Results.

So… p90x. If you’re on Twitter, you know I yap about this constantly. Mostly because it holds me accountable for my actions. I have just completed Phase 1, which was 4 weeks long and 6-7 days a week. The program uses a technique called “muscle confusion” which mixes up the workout routines every day. So it goes: 1. Chest and Back 2. Plyometrics 3. Shoulders and Arms 4. Yoga 5. Legs and Back 6. Kenpo (kick-boxing) 7. Rest or Stretch (I always did the stretch)

I have to be honest, the first time I did Plyometrics, I almost threw up. Yup, I just went there. I did almost all my working out in the morning before I ate. I didn’t want to waste any time puttering around, getting ready for the day. The days I did the workouts at night, I was dreading it all day and felt blah.

The 4th week is Recovery Week, which is not a rest week at all. 1. Yoga 2. Core Synergistics 3. Kenpo 4. Stretch 5. Core Synergistics 6. Yoga 7. Rest or Stretch (definitely stretched)

Again, I almost tossed my cookies during the second Core Synergistics. I think I also pulled a muscle in my back. When Tony says, “Form is everything” take that very seriously.

The first 3-5 days I was constantly sore. I looked like I had been riding a horse for a week straight. Trust me, it DOES get better. You start moving up in your weights, doing routines you didn’t think you could do with 8 lb, 12 lb, etc. weights.

So, results. This is where I’m a little bit discouraged but I’m not going to let that stop me from completing this program. I did start the program last summer and got to week 7 or so but stopped because I got too busy and it was so dang hot here. I’m committed to finishing this one to see if I can do it!

I’ve noticed my clothes are fitting better. My husband says he can see it in my arms and my waist is smaller. He said the biggest difference is my attitude. I’m happier, I sleep better and I’m slower to angry outbursts. I’m eating much better (don’t want to undo all that hard work!), we don’t have a lot of junk in the house. Although, I did bake cookies last night but I’m planning on giving most of those away! I have more energy and get stuff done.

I guess the biggest thing I have learned it that I’m looking forward to working out now. It’s not that I dread getting up in the morning and doing it. It’s just a part of my day. I’m realizing that I’m lucky to have the body I have and that it can do some amazing things. The workouts are so hard when you’re doing them but once you’ve finished, it’s the best feeling ever. Freakin’ Ab Ripper man. So hard.

As for nutrition, I’m not following the diet plan. I’m more health conscience since I started though. A lot of Green Monster smoothies, protein shakes, beans, greens and fruit. I actually squealed in the grocery store the other day because they were having a super sale on strawberries. Mmmmm.

What… you wanted to see pictures? Alright, but I have some comments first. I forgot to take a picture at the beginning of the program. I KNOW. For shame. So I took a picture from when I started it the first time last year and it’s the same. I’m a softy! Beginning is on the left and 30 days is on the right. For the life of me, I can’t find the shorts that I wore for the original picture. It takes A LOT for me to post these but I want to track my progress and show you that results can happen! (I'm a bit annoyed that one picture in each is blurry. grrrrr. Plus, the Hubs wouldn't get off the couch to take them so the 30 day pics are not as great as I'd like.)

Click here

aaaand click here

I’m looking forward to starting the next phase of the program, getting some new workouts and just pushing myself harder. I picked up heavier weights yesterday, so that’s a good sign!

Have you done the p90x program? Did you like it? What was your favorite part? What was your least favorite part? What days are a struggle for you?


  1. I can totally see a difference! (And your hair is super cute in the before pic - how do you do that? Just twist it?) I totally commend you for sticking with P90X. I did it pre-wedding (over a year ago, sheesh....now I feel bad) and made it 4 weeks...and stopped. I really don't know why. I think I was just overwhelmed and it was an hour or more out of my day and I don't know. I did see some results even in those four weeks so I have no idea why I stopped. I hope to get back on it once I'm free to work out again. I agree with ply - almost lost it. Honestly? I was never able to do a whole Plyo video. Or the yoga video. WAY hard. You're doing (and looking) great!!! :)

  2. Woo woo!!! I'm so proud of you. I wish i could get myself into that. I did it for a little while last year but taking an hr+ to do the workout is just not feasible with my schedule. i feel so soft and I'm 5 lb heavier than I want to be (and stress eating is becoiming a problem) I really liked plyometrics (jumping across the stream? whee!) I can't stand the first half of yoga. BUT I was able to do a dive-bomber pushup the other day. I was so amazed! I miss you girlie, in other news, and I would love to catch up. R u free Fri night? I'll be driving to Sonoma to meet my dad.

  3. you're such a trooper! I love how exercise makes us happier. I need to start running again. but it's so hard when it's raiiining!

  4. You look awesome! Go you! I am considering p90x, but am less scared now because of your honest post. I have time now to do it, so I should. Thanks Coco!

  5. Good for you, Coco!! I am so proud of you for sticking to it, and you look great! And I'm sure you're feeling great, which is even more awesome. Woohoo!! :)