Friday, February 11, 2011

Hey Good Lookin'!

As you may well know, I'm working on starting my own photography business. It all started last year when my cousin needed senior pictures done. It quickly moved to my brother's senior pictures, Christmas card photos, second shooting a wedding and many more awesome opportunities.

In an effort to increase my portfolio, I'm offering you, my friends, a chance to have your pictures done by me. FOR FREE! I'm extending this offer to the first 5 people who contact me. This can be any one or anything you'd like. Here are the guidelines.

You get:
*45 minutes of shooting time. Locations can either be in Inland Empire or San Diego. Minimal travel fee if outside those areas.
*CD with the best images. You will have the rights to these images and can use them how you'd like.
*Guaranteed turn around time of 2 weeks. No waiting a month for your images!

I get:
*The chance to expand my portfolio.
*The opportunity to hang out with you!
*To post images on my blog to enhance my business.

Disclaimer: Photo shoots will need to be on weekends. I do have a full time job besides photography and wish I could shoot during the week but until Daylight Savings Time kicks in, it'll be a Saturday or a Sunday. You must book your shoot before March 31, 2011. No more than 5 people at a shoot.

*edited to add* I'm all booked up! Thank you everyone, I'll try to do this again soon!

If interested, please email me at

I can't wait to work with you!










  1. would that I lived there. *sigh*

    a friend asked me to do family portraits with her and her daughter. I'm like, um, I don't shoot people (heehee). I'm going to try. eek!

  2. I told L the other day, "I don't want to shoot things, I want to shoot people." He pretended to be shocked that I wanted to 'shoot' people. Sheesh.

    You'll do great!

  3. AH! I wish I would ha read this sooner!

  4. I wish! Girls photo safari sometime! :)

  5. maybe sometime u can shoot me in oscars gowns...could be fun!!