Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pull Yourself Together!

Something feels off today. Just this feeling in my gut, like I'm unsettled. I don't have anything to be unsettled about though.
1. Marriage is good? Check
2. Job is good? Check.
3. Groceries in the kitchen? Check
4. Friends? Check
5. Awesome family? Check.

So what the hell? What's up with me? I think this is just one of those funks that people go through. Where you can't find a single thing that's wrong but something doesn't feel right. I feel as if I need to cry it out but what is "it"? Is it the fact that date night didn't go as planned or that it was hot as heck today at the Air Show? (ooo more on the air show later) Is it because I couldn't find my sunglasses?

I could have just woken up on the wrong side of the bed today. MAYBE it's because the weather teased us last week with chilly temps and yummy rain. Then it was 92 degrees today. ::Sigh:: Maybe it's because I want nothing more than to sit on the couch and veg tonight but we've got plans.

Guys, do you ever get in weird funks like this? Hopefully, I can wake up tomorrow and bound out of bed, drawn forward by some big gust of energy and happiness. I've been doing great for awhile but this could have been my "off" day. And that's ok. Everyone has off days once in awhile.

Have you had an off day lately? What did you do to snap out of it?


  1. To be honest...I do exactly what you do, run off that "Good" checklist.


    I close my eyes and picture some object that is a symbol of pure happiness and I go and get it.
    Mind you- there are rules to the object
    1)it has to be obtainable
    2) no thinking- it needs to be the 1st thing in your head
    3) Don't be crazy
    4) then remind yourself, sometimes its the simple things

    (I usually wind up on my way to Rite Aid for a double scoop of mint and chip and rainbow sherbet)

  2. hormones?

    or maybe things are so good you're waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    when I get in an odd funk, I just let myself funk. cancel my plans. get some ice cream. watch some cheesy movies. works every time.

  3. Maybe you just need some you time, to do nothing and something at the same time.

    What I do: lock the door, put on some loud music, re arrange and organize and clean and re arrange some more, eat ice cream, cookie dough, three pizzas and a bottle of wine. I come out happy as clam! (and its not because of the wine!)

  4. Maybe a quick workout or a spontaneous dance party? And crying. Crying never hurts me. Hope you feel better!